How to order?
Please register before you place your order.Start Here on the home page and follow the instructions.
What is included in prices?
Entergy logo, setup and freight is included in prices. Taxes not included, will be added when you check out.
How long does it takes to get an order?
Items will ship 5 to 10 days after you place your order.We will notify you production time once we receive your order. You will receive the following messages from Orleans Embroidery; - Thanking you for the order, immediately after you pay for the order. - Shipping status will be posted on the website under your account the day after the order was placed.
Can I order by phone?
We do not process any orders by phone and prefer if you send all inquiries via email due to the large number of orders we handle.
You can pay with credit card online or with a purchase order from Entergy to Promo Ad.
We will replace any defective item..
How can we contact you?
Please email us to and we will answer before the end of the day. If no response please call us at: 504 266 2618. Promo Ad and Orleans Embroidery are sister companies working on the Employee Appreciation Week program.Orleans Embroidery will be handling most of the orders, for that reason we prefer if you contact us at 504 266 2618 regarding any information on orders.Or email us at
Office Hours
9:00 am to 5:00 pm Central.Monday to Friday. Tel: 504 266 2618, 4517 Thalia St. New Orleans, La 70125 .