We specialize in direct embroidery, perfect for long lasting designs whether it’s for work uniforms, school uniforms or just for pleasure. Email us at [email protected] for a free quote today.

First email your logo, or artwork to us at [email protected] for your free quote. There is a one time $35 set up fee for designs up to 4" wide (Larger designs may vary). This fee includes the cost of digitizing your logo into an embroidery file, & producing a sample sew out of the design for your approval. Custom artwork can be submitted in .jpeg, png, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator format. The turn around time for digitization can depend on the design so we recommend emailing us for a quote, & we will be able to estimate the approximate turnaround time. Once the design set-up is complete, we will make a sample sew out to ensure the best quality--this sample will be emailed to you for approval before starting your order.
There is no set up fee for names or text. See our "FONTS" selection below for available fonts.
Both options are available depending on the quantity of your order. Our vendors carry a wide variety of garments to select from.            Minimums Per Order: To order garments directly through our vendors we generally have a minimum of 6 pieces per order, and for smaller orders (1 - 5 items) we recommend bringing in items. To order caps we have a minimum of 24 to order through our vendors, and a minimum of 6 if bringing in caps (Due to the set-up involved).
Costs may vary depending on how large the embroidery design is and how many items you're ordering. Email us for a free quote today at [email protected]
Size: Most left chest logos are between 1-4 inches wide. The largest possible embroidery design must fit within 10in by 12in, this is generally used for full back designs on jackets. Placement: For uniforms, the standard logo position is on the left chest and names are positioned on the right chest unless specified differently. Designs can be embroidered almost anywhere on most garments though some limitations may apply
Yes. We can embroider designs on most hats and bags! For other unique items please contact us for more details. Occasionally items may not fit in our machines, or may be difficult to hoop. When bringing in accessories we generally only have a minimum for caps specifically due to the set-up involved (Quantities of 6 or more).
Yes but additional set-up fees may apply. If you're looking for a specific font we can either try to match what you're looking for, or have it specially digitized for your order.
For embroidery, font size can play an important role with how well the finished design comes out. Small sizes are the most difficult and we do not recommend going smaller than .25 inches tall. Going smaller than .25 inches tall may result in an illegible design. Additionally, we recommend using our 'BLOCK' font for very small text (anything smaller than .5 inches tall).
The amount of text you can fit in a design can vary on where the text is being embroidered on a garment and the height of the font. As you can see in the fonts list, each font was written at the same height, yet some fonts take up more width in that space. If you have a long name like 'Johnathan Edward Smith Junior' getting embroidered on the left chest of a shirt, it may look better to embroider it in two lines rather than just one.
No, our machines are able to embroider up to 15 colors different colors at a time. Some restrictions may apply for small quantities.
Yes, but some restrictions may apply. The colors listed here are the threads we have readily available in house. We do have thread color catalogs available for alternative options but an additional stocking fee will apply for ordering custom colors. We do not provide this option for orders with smaller quantities.